Some history


  • 1925 : Foundation of the firm G.GANGLOFF.
  • 1952 : Licence agreement with G.J. BAELE, a Belgian company, and manufacturing of new machines.
  • 1954 : Association with G.J.BAELE. The firm name becomes BAELE GANGLOFF.
  • 1972 : Both G.J BAELE and BAELE GANGLOFF companies are being bought by the CROWN CORK AND SEAL CO. American group.
  • 1987 : Repurchase of the firm by the General Manager of BAELE GANGLOFF.
The GANGLOFF firm is born.
  • 1993 : GANGLOFF purchases SCOMA. The firm name becomes GANGLOFF SCOMA.
  • 2001 : GANGLOFF SCOMA belong to AMALTHEE Group.
. 2014 : GANGLOFF SCOMA belong to PERRIER bottling machines Group.

GANGLOFF SCOMA manufactures, sells andcarries out the maintenance, throughout the world, of machines for the packaging of drinks :

  • Still and flavoured waters
  • Soft drinks
  • Wines, alcohols, juices, syrups, edible oils
  • Some pharmaceutical applications

Present on the market of the filling industry for more than 95 years, the know-how of GANGLOFF SCOMA is based on both quality and reliability of its fillers.Our solid conception machinesare tailor made, and fully meet the needs and industrial requirements ofour customers. GANGLOFF SCOMA totally insures the installation of its equipments, and gives top priority to servicing, availability and satisfaction of its end users.